Can a 10 mg percocet get you high

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Can you beleive it?! I was starving on percocet, I lost me off percocet s, so for six months I went from about 10 5/325 but I can take 10 - 12 percocet in a.>
why are all these people posting here just to tell you "OMG its bad, youll die and Jesus wont love you anymore" you'll need to take 2 if you haven't taken them before.
Can I take 3 percocet 10/325 mg? The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: If it is prescribed by your doctor, you can take 3 percocet 10/325. Percocet is used to .
I just had a breast reduction, and I have been taking percocet. However, having had kidney stones and other problems in the past and taken tons of

Is percocet 10/325 the highest dose you can get? ChaCha Answer: No Percocet 10/325 is not the highest dose you can get. There is Perc.
Can you snort percocet 10 325. Can you shoot up 10 325 percocet, Watson932 | 10/325. And they fucked up and filled. athletes camel toe photos, Can i get high if i .
The pill with imprint PERCOCET 10/325 is Percocet 10/325 (acetaminophen/oxycodone) 325 mg / 10 mg. View images and comprehensive medicine Can Can a 10 mg percocet get you high a 10 mg percocet get you high information.
"I have a friend" who is mixing 10 mg. percocet, 1 mg. xanax and 25 mg. hydroxyzine on a daily basis, everyday. What affect is this going to have on his body?
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Hello, This is my first post. I am a cronic pain sufferer, I have a degenerated disk in my back (L5 I think?) plus arthritis in that same area. I have not had .
I am currently taking 40 mg of oxycontin every 12 hrs (basically twice a
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